I’ve been working on sharing logic between Android and iOS and I’d like to share my experience with working with images in a platform agnostic way.


Kotlin Multiplatform lets you share non platform specific logic ( “non UI code”) between different platforms (Android, jvm, js, iOS, macOS, etc…) and gives you the possibility of creating abstractions over platform specific logic.
I won’t dive into more detail about the technology, you can read more about it here.


The feature was about uploading an application, with an icon and screenshots. Check out the final versions:


Choosing the right technology for your mobile app development can depend on a variety of things, and since it’s key for any business to utilise their resources effectively considering your options should not be a trivial process.

As a developer here’s how my decision process would look like if I would start a business tomorrow, with a mobile app as its key product. I’ll try to be as objective as possible, but I’m afraid I can’t hide that I’m a big advocate of Kotlin Multiplatform (KMP).

Your 1st question: native or cross-platform?

I’d say this is the traditional question when building mobile apps and it’s a…

Robert Nagy

Senior Android Developer — Contractor — Freelancer

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